E-Library 電子圖書館

How to Access BOLGPC eLibrary (Calibre)

  • Click this link, library.bolts-na.org to access Calibre. 
  • Calibre shows 2 options: (1) Continue reading, (2) Choose the calibre library to browse…
  • Click to choose option (2) — library books appear as shown below (example).
  • Click to select the book, e.g., “Quick Start Guide”. There are 2 options (1) Read (2) Download.
  • Click to select “Read”. Depend on your browser, you may see one of the 2 screens below:
  • Click any place on the screen to start reading. You can move the pages by either clicking your mouse or the arrows on keyboard. Alternatively, select the page from the Table of Index.

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